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To the improved Lynnwood YOU site!!!

I'll be your host, just call me Dave, as we tour our recently renovated site

First of all, here's what you wont see on the site just yet, but i guarantee will happen soon! (not a guarantee)
Member roster - I really promise to start thinking about getting this one together sometime soon
Pictures - Heh, sooner than some might hope
Stories from past events - honestly more for my benifit than yours
Regional E-mail Contact List - Provided my spies all return safely

Ok, now on to what we actually have

Lynnwood YOUer E-mail list!

Well let's see, there's  ME!!!  and of course, umm, well.... there is always me! in fact why dont you e-mail me right now! I'd love to hear from you! anyone! honestly! please?

Alright! on with the show

Here we have some links to our freinds out there in the world at large

Further stuff as I get around to it, stay tuned!

Prouduct of Dave